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Overlooking the majestic villas and the mesmerizing chromatic blend projected by the gardens, at Kigwedeni Restaurant you are welcome to enjoy splendid culinary treasures from the Indian Ocean in an outstanding environment. Using only the freshest, top ingredients of the local produce and with utmost care and attentiveness, our chef and professional team will go to great lengths towards providing you with the absolute delight.
All our dishes are carefully prepared, so as to intrigue and entice all senses. Indulge in a magical feast of flavors and aromas, tasting a cornucopia of special tastes from the Indian Ocean, Tanzania and the local Zanzibari cuisine. Enjoy marvelous flavors, along with exquisite services and unique aesthetics. Traditional recipes with creative twists, edgy combinations of different colors, textures, fragrances and tastes, a true masterpiece of art in every dish!